My Guy

So very proud of my guy!!!

Since starting his new job just a little over a month ago and being the new guy on the block, he has become the TOP salesman at Wilson Motors.  He's amazing!

So, if you are looking for a new vehicle and want to work with someone that is low pressure and someone that really cares, Well than...Ask for Michael George at Wilson Motors in Bellingham, WA located on Iowa Street just right off the freeway.

Just a little advertisement for "My Guy"

Local Hero

I am so thankful that our local hero and friend has made it home safe after serving our great country in Iraq for a year.

Robert, we thank you for the sacrifice you made so that we could live in a safe place and have freedom!  You are my hero and I am honored to be able to call you my FRIEND!!!


Tri-fold Shutter Card

I made this card for my daughters 15th birthday.  It's one of my favorite cards I have ever made.   I so happy she likes it and keeps it up on her shelf.  It's nice to know she appreciates what I made her. 

The paper is from "Me & My Big Ideas" and the instructions for the Tri-fold shutter card are Here.  They are so easy to make and fun to give away!



Look at these amazing colors!!!  I can't wait to start crocheting more flowers and maybe even try a hat.  These are the "Sugar n Cream" yarns on sale at Michael's 4 for $5.00.


Thank You card

I am really loving the fact that crocheting has entered my life again.  It's amazing that after so many years I was able to pick up that crochet needle (or whatever it's called) and start right back up.  I learned how to make this flower and leaves on You Tube.  There are many videos on how to make this flower and many other kinds of flowers.  I need more yarn!!!

Right now Jo Ann's and Michael's has a sale on yarn...can you guess where I'm going today?

Thanks for looking and I love comments!!!


New Blog

I decided to start a new blog where I can display my creations, from recipes to scrapbooking and my renewed love for crocheting.
My old blog "Family Scraps With Grace" is now deleted. It was my first attempt at blogging and I did OK, but I visit so many wonderful blogs that I think I now have a clue on how to do this blogging thing...I hope!!!
Well I hope you find it enjoyable and please leave comments (only nice ones accepted...ha ha ha).