Is Summer Really Over?

Well it was just a few months ago (my last blog post) that I was writing about school being out and now today I am thinking "Is Summer Really Over".
School is going to start on Tuesday and it just seems like summer just got started. I am sad to have to send my children off to school for another year. I really enjoy the time we spend together just "hanging out" even if some days were kind of boring, just having them around the house or hearing their voices is the best part of these past summer days.

This summer was not like any other summer we have had. First of all we didn't have a whole lot of RVing like we normally do. That is because Michael got new job in March so he doesn't get any vacation time yet, but we are thankful he has a job and there is always next year to look forward to. Second, the weather did not cooperate at all until just a few weeks ago. And last it was just "different", maybe because Michael works such long hours and on Saturdays.......still can't get used to those Saturdays without him.

But we did have some exciting things happen this summer;

We went on a week long trip to Leavenworth but Nicole was sick the entire time. Poor sweet girl!!!

I learned to drive the motor home and my new CB handle is "Motorhomin' Mama"!!! Its 40 feet of pure bliss. I just got in that thing and drove, no training or anything. My attitude was, I can do it and I did, with a little help from the kids watching the corners for me.

We had two garage sales....enough said!!!

We said good-bye to some dear friends and neighbors that had to move away. Good-byes are so hard and we miss them dearly.

The kids and I went to the Fair and had a great time!

And last but certainly not least (as I feel it every day) I did "Boot Camp"!!! Yes I did!!! 6am to 7pm 5 days a week. I have really enjoyed it and sad that I can no longer continue doing it due to schedule conflict, but I am determined to continue exercising cause it does pay off.........bye-bye 20lbs!!! So much more to loss, but I know this is a start and I am taking it one-day-at-a-time, sometimes one-second-at-a-time!!!

Well, now that it feels like summer is over because kids are going to start school soon, I am going to try to find a part time job, scrapbook and just do what I love doing........being a wife and mother and ALL that it entails.

I hope you all had a good summer and made some wonderful family memories!!!