Meet Brody!!!

Well here he is, the newest member of our family - for the next 9 days...yep, for the next 9 days, Nicole has to carry around Brody the egg baby and a diaper bag everywhere she goes. I must say he is pretty cute with his hat that I crocheted for him.

So being grandma to Brody the egg baby is not as bad as I thought. The only thing I don't like is that Nicole has to get up with him at 2:30 tonight and 5 more nights and call her teacher to let her know that she is "up with the baby".......too funny!!!!

Next thing we look forward to is the mechanical baby for a weekend that has a very loud cry...I thought I was done with babies!!!


  1. How about a mini scrapbook for this event?! :) Great day yesterday - can't wait for Oct. 26th! Don't forget to ponder the "Daily December" Thing!

  2. Nice to meet you yesterday, Grace! I made it to December 25 and then quit for the night.

    So, who does Brody resemble? Cute baby :)